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Business Translation

As business is becoming increasingly global, business translation is vital for any company aiming to work at an international level. However, business cultures still vary from one country to another in terms of standard practice, expectations, manners, and styles of writing.

The way to close a business deal in London is not necessarily the same way to close a deal in Dubai or Riyadh, which means that our business translators and proofreaders need knowledge of the business cultures of both countries: where the text to be translated comes from, and where it is going to be read.

A2Z Arabic provides a wide range or business-related translation services, which include:

Company Brochure Translation

A company brochure is a significant document which is used by companies of all kinds as an advertising and informational tool. It is generally used to promote products, services, or events. Typically, company brochures are printed on high quality paper, and presented with colorful images and interesting text in a booklet form or single sheets. They serve as a very effective marketing tool.

A2Z Arabic provides high quality and professional brochure translation services into Arabic through a team of well qualified and experienced Arabic translation experts. We guarantee low rates through our unique bid management system which gets for each and every project the most suitably qualified translator at the most reasonable rates!

Leaflet, Flyer and Booklet Translation

When attempting to reach out to new customers, handing them a leaflet or small booklet is a great way to leave them with information about your business, presented in a concise and appealing manner. If your business regularly attends large events, such as trade shows or conferences, having a professionally produced and succinct flyer can drive a considerable amount of new custom to your company. Needless to say, the effectiveness of your business' leaflet, flyer or booklet will depend on how readable it is for potential customers, and when your readers' native language is different to that of your leaflet, then it's time to consider translating it into your readers' native language.

At A2Z Arabic, we understand the importance of being able to convey a significant amount of information in a brief and pleasing way, and we reflect this when producing professional translations of leaflets, flyers and booklets. Great care is taken to match a knowledgeable translator to a specific translation, and because our translators have a native-speaking ability, then you can expect an authentic representation of your flyer in the target text. We also take care to ensure that the text will still fit onto your leaflet, flyer or booklet, and we offer an additional desktop publishing service for clients who wish to leave everything to us.

Product Catalog Translation

Businesses and economies all over the world are driven by their services and products. It is critical that information regarding products and services reaches the target customers. Furthermore, they should be able to understand it, as well as realize how it would benefit them. This is the most important tool for persuading potential customers to buy a specific product or service.

Product catalog translation should be undertaken only by professional translators who are intimately familiar with the language and culture of the target country. This ensures that the translations are rendered authentically and received well by targeted customers.

Our professional Arabic translators have extensive experience in translating product catalogs into Arabic and we have been serving a large number of worldwide clients translate their catalogs into Arabic.

We also have a team of DTP (Desktop Publishing) specialized who make sure that final translated brochures are presented and formatted in a perfect way and are ready-to-print.

Human Resource Translation

We work regularly on human resource translation projects and have performed the following translations in this area:

  • Benefits Information Translation

  • Employee Discipline Documentation Translation

  • Employee Handbook Translation

  • Employee Manual Translation

  • Employment Applications Translation

  • Human Resource Forms Translation

  • Human Resource Policies Translation

  • Newsletter Translation

  • Review Forms Translation

  • Safety Document Translation

  • Signage Translation

  • Training Manual Translation

  • Vacation and Personal Leave Form Translation

Other business-related translation services:

  • Presentation translation into Arabic

  • Business Card Translation into Arabic

  • Business Letter Translation into Arabic


We can handle all of your business translation requirements from English into Arabic and from Arabic into English.


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