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Legal Translation

Legal translation is one of our major fields of translation. It involves the translation of legal documents, terminology and concepts related to the field of law. It is a highly skilled field of translation that requires specialist translators. Legal translators must have knowledge of legal terms in two languages and understand their meaning sufficiently to ensure that the legal translations they undertake are 100% accurate.

Legal translators must precisely convey the information present in the source document, leaving no space for ambiguity. This requires professional translation providers who are specialized and experienced in the field of legal translation.

Court cases also often require legal translation as part of their proceedings. From witness statement translation to the translation of contracts and other legal agreements, professional translation is essential for this area of work.

Insurance document translation is another important area of legal translation and one where complete accuracy is again required. Insurance documents contain plenty of technical terms, so using a professional legal translator with experience of translating this particular kind of document is definitely a good move.

Another form of legal translation is the translation of real estate documents. Whether you’re buying a home overseas or trying to sort out the paperwork on a property abroad that you’ve inherited from a relative, not speaking the local language can make for a stressful task. With professional translation you can take the pain out of the process and understand in full what it is that your real estate documents say.

A2Z Arabic provides Arabic legal translation services using highly qualified and experienced professional translators who have at least 5 years of experience in Arabic legal translation.

We work in a variety of legal translation areas, including:

  • Contract translation

  • Summons translation

  • Patent and trademark filings translation

  • Deeds translation

  • Litigation document translation

  • Immigration document translation

  • Witness statement/deposition translation

  • Legal certification translation

  • Legal disclaimers translation

  • Legal marketing translation

  • Will translation

  • Articles of incorporation translation

  • Letters of credit translation

  • Affidavits translation

  • Arbitration translation

  • Confidentiality agreement translation

  • Correspondence translation

  • Foreign legal text translation

  • Government and legal ruling reports translation

  • License translation

We can handle all of your legal translation requirements from English into Arabic and from Arabic into English.


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