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Medical Translation

Medical translation services are some of the most important when it concerns translation accuracy and industry knowledge. One small error in a translation of medical device documents and instructions, pharmaceutical information, medical software documentation, and the like - can potentially have dire consequences. 


There are several examples of facilities and medical professionals who made translation errors on imported medical device inserts and instructions, resulting in grave ramifications where patients were adversely affected. The quickest, easiest or cheapest method of medical translation should never be the priority for selecting a medical document translation provider.

We have a team of medical translators who are basically medical professionals working as translators. They have the necessary knowledge and a deep understanding of medical terminology and concepts and are able to provide the most professional and specialized translation service for medical documents from English to Arabic and from Arabic to English.

A2Z Arabic has been consistently providing Arabic professional medical translation services to our clients’ satisfaction in the following areas: 

  • Clinical study report translation

  • Medical device documents and instructions translation

  • Medical equipment document translation

  • Handwritten medical information translation

  • Hospital discharge summary translation

  • Instructions manual translation

  • Insurance claim translation

  • Medical chart translation

  • Medical journal translation

  • Medical report translation

  • Patient consent form translation

  • Patient information translation

  • Pharmaceutical research translation

  • Product specifications translation

  • Prescription Translation

  • Scientific paper translation

  • Training manual translation

We can handle all of your medical translation requirements from English into Arabic and from Arabic into English.


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