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  • Legal Translation
    Legal translation is one of our major fields of translation. It involves the translation of legal documents, terminology and concepts related to the field of law. It is a highly skilled field of translation that requires specialist translators. Legal translators must have knowledge of legal terms in two languages and understand their meaning sufficiently to ensure that the legal translations they undertake are 100% accurate. Legal translators must precisely convey the information present in the source document, leaving no space for ambiguity. This requires professional translation providers who are specialized and experienced in the field of legal translation. Court cases also often require legal translation as part of their proceedings. From witness statement translation to the translation of contracts and other legal agreements, professional translation is essential for this area of work. Insurance document translation is another important area of legal translation and one where complete accuracy is again required. Insurance documents contain plenty of technical terms, so using a professional legal translator with experience of translating this particular kind of document is definitely a good move. Another form of legal translation is the translation of real estate documents. Whether you’re buying a home overseas or trying to sort out the paperwork on a property abroad that you’ve inherited from a relative, not speaking the local language can make for a stressful task. With professional translation you can take the pain out of the process and understand in full what it is that your real estate documents say. A2Z Arabic provides Arabic legal translation services using highly qualified and experienced professional translators who have at least 5 years of experience in Arabic legal translation. We work in a variety of legal translation areas, including: Contract translation Summons translation Patent and trademark filings translation Deeds translation Litigation document translation Immigration document translation Witness statement/deposition translation Legal certification translation Legal disclaimers translation Legal marketing translation Will translation Articles of incorporation translation Letters of credit translation Affidavits translation Arbitration translation Confidentiality agreement translation Correspondence translation Foreign legal text translation Government and legal ruling reports translation License translation
  • Business Translation
    As business is becoming increasingly global, business translation is vital for any company aiming to work at an international level. However, business cultures still vary from one country to another in terms of standard practice, expectations, manners, and styles of writing. The way to close a business deal in London is not necessarily the same way to close a deal in Dubai or Riyadh, which means that our business translators and proofreaders need knowledge of the business cultures of both countries: where the text to be translated comes from, and where it is going to be read. A2Z Arabic provides a wide range or business-related translation services, which include: Company Brochure Translation A company brochure is a significant document which is used by companies of all kinds as an advertising and informational tool. It is generally used to promote products, services, or events. Typically, company brochures are printed on high quality paper, and presented with colorful images and interesting text in a booklet form or single sheets. They serve as a very effective marketing tool. A2Z Arabic provides high quality and professional brochure translation services into Arabic through a team of well qualified and experienced Arabic translation experts. We guarantee low rates through our unique bid management system which gets for each and every project the most suitably qualified translator at the most reasonable rates! Leaflet, Flyer and Booklet Translation When attempting to reach out to new customers, handing them a leaflet or small booklet is a great way to leave them with information about your business, presented in a concise and appealing manner. If your business regularly attends large events, such as trade shows or conferences, having a professionally produced and succinct flyer can drive a considerable amount of new custom to your company. Needless to say, the effectiveness of your business' leaflet, flyer or booklet will depend on how readable it is for potential customers, and when your readers' native language is different to that of your leaflet, then it's time to consider translating it into your readers' native language. At A2Z Arabic, we understand the importance of being able to convey a significant amount of information in a brief and pleasing way, and we reflect this when producing professional translations of leaflets, flyers and booklets. Great care is taken to match a knowledgeable translator to a specific translation, and because our translators have a native-speaking ability, then you can expect an authentic representation of your flyer in the target text. We also take care to ensure that the text will still fit onto your leaflet, flyer or booklet, and we offer an additional desktop publishing service for clients who wish to leave everything to us. Product Catalog Translation Businesses and economies all over the world are driven by their services and products. It is critical that information regarding products and services reaches the target customers. Furthermore, they should be able to understand it, as well as realize how it would benefit them. This is the most important tool for persuading potential customers to buy a specific product or service. Product catalog translation should be undertaken only by professional translators who are intimately familiar with the language and culture of the target country. This ensures that the translations are rendered authentically and received well by targeted customers. Our professional Arabic translators have extensive experience in translating product catalogs into Arabic and we have been serving a large number of worldwide clients translate their catalogs into Arabic. We also have a team of DTP (Desktop Publishing) specialized who make sure that final translated brochures are presented and formatted in a perfect way and are ready-to-print. Human Resource Translation We work regularly on human resource translation projects and have performed the following translations in this area: Benefits Information Translation Employee Discipline Documentation Translation Employee Handbook Translation Employee Manual Translation Employment Applications Translation Human Resource Forms Translation Human Resource Policies Translation Newsletter Translation Review Forms Translation Safety Document Translation Signage Translation Training Manual Translation Vacation and Personal Leave Form Translation Other business-related translation services: Presentation translation into Arabic Business Card Translation into Arabic Business Letter Translation into Arabic
  • Medical Translation
    Medical translation services are some of the most important when it concerns translation accuracy and industry knowledge. One small error in a translation of medical device documents and instructions, pharmaceutical information, medical software documentation, and the like - can potentially have dire consequences. There are several examples of facilities and medical professionals who made translation errors on imported medical device inserts and instructions, resulting in grave ramifications where patients were adversely affected. The quickest, easiest or cheapest method of medical translation should never be the priority for selecting a medical document translation provider. We have a team of medical translators who are basically medical professionals working as translators. They have the necessary knowledge and a deep understanding of medical terminology and concepts and are able to provide the most professional and specialized translation service for medical documents from English to Arabic and from Arabic to English. A2Z Arabic has been consistently providing Arabic professional medical translation services to our clients’ satisfaction in the following areas: Clinical study report translation Medical device documents and instructions translation Medical equipment document translation Handwritten medical information translation Hospital discharge summary translation Instructions manual translation Insurance claim translation Medical chart translation Medical journal translation Medical report translation Patient consent form translation Patient information translation Pharmaceutical research translation Product specifications translation Prescription Translation Scientific paper translation Training manual translation
  • Marketing Translation
    Marketing plays a singularly important role in introducing a product or service to the intended market and creating awareness about it which attracts the targeted customers to use those products or services and ensure its success. The role of marketing in the present highly competitive age has become even more important because there are so many products and services offering similar benefits in the market. So much so that even an excellent product which is satisfying a highly demanded requirement can fail if not marketed properly. This is why marketers take care to localize their marketing strategies when promoting their products in foreign countries. Language translation is an obvious requirement in such a process. A2Z Arabic has bought its considerable experience in professional language translation to the field of marketing. Our mission is to provide the very best marketing translation services for low rates and within fastest delivery times. Since we have already worked on marketing translation projects for many languages and cultures around the world, we have learnt quite a lot about what works and what doesn’t from the perspective of marketing. Marketing materials have a creative side which is strongly influenced by the culture and emotions of the target population and they can be highly challenging to translate. Some marketing translation projects we have worked upon include: Advertising Translation into Arabic Blog Translation into Arabic Promotional Literature Translation into Arabic Press Release Translation into Arabic Email campaign Translation into Arabic Business Card Translation into Arabic Company Brochure Translation into Arabic Product Catalog Translation into Arabic Newsletters
  • Financial Translation
    Financial translations are a complex affair, and the world of finance involves high stakes, which makes the job even more challenging. At A2Z Arabic, we thrive in a challenging atmosphere having built a team of experienced and highly qualified financial translators that spans the globe. We are in the position to provide professional financial translation services across diverse industries and languages. The need for financial translations has increased, as more companies go multi-national. At A2Z Arabic, we continue to receive financial translation projects in increasing quantities from retail and investment banks, insurance companies, audit companies and financial consultancies among others. We ensure a consistently high quality output because of our talented and experienced pool of professional financial translators. A2Z Arabic appreciates the security concerns of clients, and assures complete confidentiality in all projects. We work with a wide range of companies, from startups to large corporations with presence in multiple continents. Some of the financial translation projects we have worked upon have involved the following: Balance sheet translation Income and cash flow statement translation Financial consultancy translation Audit documents translation Bank statements translation Annual reports translation Investment marketing translation Insurance marketing translation Insurance policy translation Prospectus translation Profit and loss reports translation Equity research translation Shareholder information translation
  • Technical Translation
    A2Z Arabic provides professional technical translation services from English into Arabic and vice versa to a large number of companies of different sizes, and having a wide range of business interests, be it engineering, pharmaceuticals, computer software & hardware, patents or electronics. This has helped us gain experience in a variety of fields. Our technical translation team is comprised of highly qualified and experienced professional translators who’ve had substantial prior experience in technical translation. Some of the technical translation work done by our translators includes: Manuals Training materials Government standards and regulations Feasibility studies Patent documentation Data Spreadsheets Medical and pharmaceutical translations Process related documents
  • Personal Documents
    We translate personal documents such as national ID cards, passports, birth certificates, marriage certificates. We can also translate personal content such as diaries, personal letters, tweets, blog posts, tattoos, etc. We can handle all of your personal translation requirements from English into Arabic and from Arabic into English.
  • Educational Translation
    Education is a critical requirement that is not only dispensed by schools and colleges but also used as a training and development tool by almost every kind of organization. However, standard educational resources do not exist uniformly in every language of the world. This brings in the need for educational translation across the world. At A2Z Arabic, we have worked in a wide variety of educational translation projects, ranging from translating academic resources in many subjects, for schools and colleges to translating training materials for business and government organizations. We are native translators. This ensures that every translation has been tailored according to the cultural context of the targeted language/region. So every educational translation project that comes to our team is handled by an expert in the area. This business flow helps us maintain the high quality of our translations. We can handle all of your educational translation requirements from English into Arabic and from Arabic into English.
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