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The Requirement for Online Marketing

Online marketing is a highly effective tool for taking your products to your targeted customers, whether domestic or international. It is far more cost-effective than many other methods of advertising and marketing. Online marketing involves a whole gamut of activities- from having a website on the net, to sending e-brochures and emails to prospective customers. As the name implies, all of it takes place online.

The Advantage of having an Arabic Website

Introducing a business to a new market can only be achieved through the language spoken in that market. Arabic, in the Middle East case, becomes extremely important in helping your business reach a wider client base and succeed in thriving markets such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha, Riyadh and others. It goes without saying that companies that have localized versions of their websites in foreign countries are more likely to achieve rapid growth in these markets.

Localizing your website, company brochures, social media pages and your advertising materials into Arabic can be extremely advantageous to your business.

Making your Website Effective for International Customers

We are talking about international business here and assuming that your website would serve as the primary interface between your business and your clients. It is important to ensure that your website communicates the importance/ advantages of your products/services to your customer clearly. The best way to ensure this is to get your website translated to your customer’s language.

It is surprising but true that though a majority of websites exist only in the English language, a large number of Internet users- somewhere around fifty percent, reside in non-English speaking countries. This makes the importance of website translation quite obvious. If you cannot communicate with your customers in their language, it is highly unlikely that they would stay at your website or carry on any transactions with you.

Ensuring High Quality Website Translation

Language Translation is not a mechanical or by-the-numbers process. It is a highly specialized skill that requires considerable study and practice. A person cannot ensure high quality, or even accurate language translations just by learning a few languages. A good translation is that which is tailored keeping in mind the nuances and unique aspects of the target language in mind. This becomes even more important in the case of advertising and publicity materials which try to persuade the targeted customer by calling upon various emotions.

In a nutshell, website translation is significant part of your business. You should only get it done by well-qualified translators. Working with native Arabic translators ensures highest quality and a deep understanding of the cultural context of the target market. Our translators reside and work in Arab-speaking countries and can effectively communicate your marketing message to your potential clients in the thriving economies of the Middle East and the GCC countries.

We can help you translate your website into Arabic for a reasonable cost.

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